About Us

Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) is the representative body for Scotland's financial services industry. Our member companies range in size from global organisations headquartered in Scotland to small, locally-based support companies drawn from all areas of financial services.

The diversity of our membership reflects Scotland’s position as a leading European financial centre; second only to London in the UK. The industry makes a significant contribution to the Scottish economy.

Our chief priorities are to:

  • Influence government, regulators and other policy-makers in Scotland and Westminster to ensure an internationally-competitive business environment for the industry.
  • Promote greater awareness, understanding and support for Scotland's financial services industry among politicians, the media and the wider community.
  • Support debate, innovation and the sharing across the industry of experience and insight to encourage continued international growth and collaboration.

Throughout the year, we provide a full range of opportunities for networking, debate and information exchange for our members.

SFE has a competition compliance policy and takes steps to ensure that SFE and its members comply with competition law. Members agree when accepting an invitation to an SFE event to comply at all times with competition law. Information on SFE's policy can be viewed at here.

Membership is by company, and entitles all employees of member companies to attend our events.

SFE is a company limited by guarantee. Our agenda is determined by our member companies and overseen by our board of directors. Each of the main sectors of the financial services industry in Scotland is represented on the SFE board.