Brexit Preparedness

Brexit and broader geopolitical change is a constant challenge for Scotland’s financial services firms and we continue our work to ensure the interests of the industry are best represented.

While Brexit is unprecedented, the financial services sector has a track record of responding well to market changes and is adept in risk mitigation. As the date for the UK’s exit from the EU draws nearer, we know financial services companies continue to prepare and implement appropriate plans implemented for a range of possible scenarios which is absolutely necessary.

The FCA has information available for regulated firms. They advise that as more information about what Brexit will mean for financial services emerges they should make sure they understand the implications and plan accordingly. Their resources can be found here.

The first port of call for all businesses should be for the latest guidance, support and advice. 

In the meantime, SFE will continue to make the case for an orderly withdrawal from the European Union so that Scotland’s financial services industry may serve clients and customers without disruption.