SFE Young Professionals

SFE Young Professionals was set up by young people in Financial Services (FS) across the SFE membership, with the aim of providing opportunities for career development, access to networking opportunities, events to develop Industry knowledge and contacts and promoting FS to the next generation.

  • We are an enthusiastic team looking to make an impact for and with young people in financial services
  • We engage with our diverse range of members to ensure their voices are heard
  • We encourage our members to get involved and lead on what they are passionate about
  • This group feeds directly into the SFE Fintech Strategy Group and High Level Strategy Group
  • The network is supported by executive sponsors across the SFE membership

We have five key goals that we aim to promote:

Through our Career Development goal we aim to support the training and development of new talent in the financial services industry, offering support and opportunities to accelerate their careers

We aim to Influence and Innovate across the financial service sector, helping to shape the direction of the sector by challenging the status quo and constantly pushing boundaries

We endeavour to support the Next Generation of people entering financial services, by promoting its opportunities and accessibility to all

Our Events and Networking opportunities will support across these goals, providing members the opportunity to socialise with fellow members, engage in interesting seminars and presentations, and build a network of contacts across the industry

Give a Voice to all members entering the industry; recent school leavers, university graduates and experienced professionals joining from other career paths


The SFE Young Professionals’ Steering Committee is a small group of nominated representatives from across the SFE membership.

 So what does being a committee member involve?

  • Leading projects, running events, pitching in to make the SFE Young Professionals a success
  • Coming up with new ideas, having a positive attitude to change, and trying new things
  • Opportunity to update our executive sponsors on progress and new ideas
  • Being an advocate and encouraging people across the industry to attend events and participate in achieving our objectives

The current committee members are:

Contact SFE Young Professionals on linkedin or the secretariat David Hedley at SFE dhedley@sfe.org.uk.

If you would like to be kept up to date with latest SFE Young Professionals news & events please click on the link below:

SFE YP Registration