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Aviva plc is the largest general insurer in the UK . Its overall market share in the UK is 14 per cent.

It has a focus on insurance for individuals and small businesses. Norwich Union insures:

  • one in five households
  • one in seven motor vehicles
  • more than 800,000 businesses

Aviva Insurance employs around 13,000 people in the UK and over. It has over 3000 staff based in Scotland including major centres in Perth, Glasgow and Dundee with a range of teams in Sales and Marketing, Corporate Partnerships, and Customer Services operating from our Scottish centres.

Aviva products are available through a variety of distribution channels including brokers, corporate partners such as banks and building societies and Directly with customers through Norwich Union Direct.

In May 2005, Aviva acquired the motoring services group RAC, which now forms an important part of Aviva Insurance's operators in the UK.

Distribution channels

Intermediary, corporate partners, national accounts and Norwich Union Direct.

Aviva Insurance

Patrick Snowball, Chief Executive, (NUI) and Group Executive Director (AGI)
Simon Machell, Managing Director, RAC
Mark Hodges, Managing Director, NUGI
David Hope, Human Resources Director, AGI
Alex Robinson, Information Technology Director, AGI
Philip Easter, Finance Director, AGI