Ridgeway Partners

Ridgeway Partners is a global advisory firm specialising in executive search, board appointments and succession planning.

The culture of Ridgeway Partners is collegiate. We commit to clients on assignments from start to finish. We have the access, experience and judgement to find out the best people for your business. Each search is bespoke. We take the time to understand you first. We go through the exacting process needed to fill the role. We aim to surprise you with the quality and range of our candidates.

In our executive work, we have few ‘off-limits’ restrictions, which means we can maximise our approach. In our board work, we control our workflow to ensure clients are not competing.

We have a strong track record on diversity. We are one of a handful of firms accredited under the Hampton-Alexander Enhanced Code of Conduct, and one of only three firms to have both the FTSE 350 and Beyond 350 kitemarks.

Every assignment matters to us and after every one, we ask you to rate our work.