Scottish Enterprise

50 Waterloo Street, Atrium Court, Glasgow G2 6HQ

Scottish Enterprise is the main economic, enterprise, innovation & investment agency for Scotland. It delivers a range of dedicated support services locally, nationally and internationally. Our activities help businesses with the appetite and capacity to grow to:

  • improve efficiencies;
  • access new sources of funding; and
  • enter new markets.

To build a world-class economy, we're interested in industries that have real competitive advantage in Scotland. Financial Services is particularly important to Scotland's economy. The industry has grown by 96% since 1998, employs over 91,000 people and provides £7bn of Scotland's GDP.

In recognition of the importance of the Financial Services industry to the Scottish economy, Scottish Enterprise has a dedicated Financial Services Team working closely with the industry to support its growth and success in Scotland.

The Financial Services Team has developed various initiatives which help address the needs of the industry by focusing on people and skills, supplier development, industry profile and innovation. The attraction and retention of mobile direct investment and internationalisation are also important issues for a successful Scottish Financial Services industry and the Financial Services Team works closely with colleagues in Scottish Development International (SDI) in this area.

Scottish Enterprise was established in 1991 under the Enterprise and New Towns Scotland Act and reports to the Scottish Government.

Gary Bowie
0141 228 2199