Scottish National Investment Bank

The Scottish National Investment Bank is a mission focussed development bank, wholly owned by the Scottish Ministers on behalf of the people of Scotland, and launched in November 2020.

The Bank is operationally independent from the Scottish Government. It aims to invest in Scottish business, projects and communities to deliver environmental, social and financial returns for the benefit of the Scottish economy as a whole.

The Bank will invest debt and equity on commercial terms based on the needs of individual projects or businesses, subject to the Bank’s investment appraisal and approval processes. The Bank is not a grant making body and does not offer finance on sub-commercial terms.

As a development bank, the Bank’s role is to accelerate investment into areas that are not currently receiving the required investment from private sector capital.  Wherever possible the Bank seeks to crowd in private sector investment alongside its own public capital.

Our ambition is that the investments we make support delivery of our missions and the creation of a fairer, more sustainable Scotland.

As a mission focussed institution, the Bank will make investments that support the delivery of its missions as set by the Scottish Government. The Bank’s missions are -

  • Supporting Scotland’s transition to net zero by 2045: investing in rebalancing our economy towards leadership in sustainable technology, services and industry;
  • Building communities and promoting equality by 2040: investing in places and regeneration to improve opportunities and outcomes for people and communities; and,
  • Harnessing innovation to enable our people to flourish by 2040: invest in innovation and industries of the future for a healthier, more resilient and productive population.

You can find out more information about the Bank, including how to approach us about potential investment or co-investment opportunities, via: