Banking & Finance Academy - LIBOR, SONIA and other interest mechanisms

Brodies Event

LIBOR transition ends on 31 December 2021; are borrowers and lenders ready and what can we expect in the final lap to the transition deadline?

In this webinar we look through a loan market-focused lens at where we are on the transition away from GBP LIBOR and towards SONIA and other benchmarks.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand where we are on the transition timeline
  • Understand how SONIA differs from LIBOR
  • Understand the key concepts and language relating to the implementation of SONIA in loan agreements
  • Understand the latest on 'tough legacy' contracts
  • Understand use of SONIA term rates and non-risk free rates in LIBOR transition
  • Understand current loan market issues around transition and how things might play out in the next 3-6 months

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