FinTech, Ecosystem and Accountability Network

17:00-20:00, Thursday, 9th November 2017

University of Edinburgh Business School

University of Edinburgh Business School cordially invites you to a collaborative network event which brings practitioners and academics together in examining co-produced codes and tools related to auditing, reporting standards and new technologies within the financial services industry.

Technological and social change is impacting on the financial industry at an ever-increasing pace. Simultaneously, recent regulatory reforms have impacted the profitability of many incumbent financial intermediaries. However, the new platforms provided by this technological revolution permit the creation of new innovative firms that can transform the financial sector. The objective of this workshop series is to bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers to cultivate new business areas and operating models within the financial sector.

As of 2015, globally £10bn has been invested into Fintech start-ups with more than £635m located in the United Kingdom. The opportunities presented at this time of multiple disruptive events, such as the global financial crisis, the Eurozone crisis and Brexit are generating an environment where innovation is needed to solve immediate and real world problems. The event is free to attend and open to anyone with interest in the area of financial technology and disruptive innovation.

Key themes of the discussions will include:

  • Financial technologies and cryptography;
  • Fin-Tech Ecosystems;
  • Accounting for financial technologies
  • Risk accounting and management
  • Virtual Free Trade Zones
  • Virtual to physical interfaces

Supported by the Economics and Social Research Council.



Registration and refreshments


Opening Remarks:  Marwa Elnahas, Lecturer in Accounting, Newcastle University Business School.


Karen Elliott, Lecturer in Enterprise and Innovation, Newcastle University Business School.

“Unruly Innovation: Distributed Ledgers, Blockchains and the Protection of Transactional Rents”


Peter Hughes, Visiting Fellow, Durham University Business School, former Head of Finance Shared Services JP Morgan. “The Technology of Risk Accounting”


Ben Spiegel, University of Edinburgh. “FinTech Ecosystems in Edinburgh”


Julian Williams, Chair in Accounting and Finance, Durham University Business School

The Security-Economics of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations”


Closing Remarks. Marwa Elnahas, Lecturer in Accounting, Newcastle University Business School.


Drinks Reception and Buffet.

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