Fujitsu AcitvateNow

Fujitsu Event

Date: Wednesday 14th October

Time: 10am - 12pm

We are delighted to invite you to the opening sessions of ActivateNow, a global online event that will create a platform to rebuild hope, confidence, leadership and credible action for leaders in the public and private sectors. 

As the world emerges from a uniquely challenging period, we are all seeking insight from thought leaders and peers, as well as practical solutions to the challenges we face today. 

By registering for the two-hour keynotes on 14th October you will be given access to a wealth of on-demand content that can be accessed when it's most relevant and actionable in your world.

Here's a snapshot of what's on offer:

We are delighted that Clive Myrie, BBC broadcaster, will anchor ActivateNow and bring his perspective on world events.

At our opening keynote, Fujitsu CEO and CDXO (Chief Digital Transformation Officer) Takahito Tokita will be joined by the inspirational global authors and thought leaders Alex Osterwalder, one of the world’s most influential innovation experts, and Professor Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at the London Business School, to explore the role of digital innovation in helping us to reimagine and drive a trusted future.  

European keynote sessions

  • Join Paul Patterson, Fujitsu's CEO for Northern and Western Europe and Costa's CIO, Phil Scully, discussing the events of 2020 and the lasting changes they have made to the way we work and live.  
  • Allow Fujitsu's Head of Product Sales Europe, Christian Leutner, to talk you through the importance of mastering your technology to thrive in a data-driven world.
  • Check-in with Dr. Joseph Reger, Fujitsu's CTO for Central and Eastern Europe, for a perspective on the way technology can help fight the pandemic (released online on 15th October 10am).

Stories from 2020

  • Hear first-hand from leading European brands and public sector organisations as they reflect on the lessons of 2020 and consider what the future might hold.

Extensive on-demand program

Over 30 breakout sessions on-demand from subject matter experts:

  • Reimagining the possibilities for employee experience, everyday operations and customer experience.
  • Exploring the work/life shift brought about by the events of 2020.
  • Achieving industry transformation, from retail, financial services and mobility through to manufacturing and public sector.
  • Driving agility and efficiency through core technology innovation, from Hybrid IT and multi-cloud to 5G and cyber security.
  • Transforming public sector through five sessions exploring technology innovation in government, healthcare and mobility.
  • Addressing special interest areas through digital innovation, from personalisation to enabling digital culture and wellbeing.
  • Deep-dive Expert Talks, where you can explore your organisation's specific challenges and find solutions by engaging directly with Fujitsu specialists.

We know there are many pressures on your time. That's why we have created an online event that is flexible and diverse, and available to you online 24x7 until the end of 2020.  More content will be released from 15th October so there's plenty to look forward to!

All we ask is that you register and join us for the keynote sessions on 14th October starting at 10am wherever you are. We look forward to welcoming you.

For more information, visit the website.