LSE Economic Diplomacy Commission Roundtable

28th February - 1.30pm - 5pm Edinburgh City Chambers

The London School of Economics would like to invite you to attend a roundtable discussion held by the LSE Economic Diplomacy Commission.

This timely Commission, hosted by LSE IDEAS, the foreign policy research centre of the LSE, will examine the conduct of Britain’s economic diplomacy and whether it suits the trends and challenges of the 21st century global economy. This is a task that the UK should undertake, regardless of Brexit, to ensure that its foreign economic policy centred on international trade and investment achieves prosperity for all its people and is consistent with the country’s broader foreign and domestic policy aims. The Commission will interrogate the issues around the UK’s foreign economic policy and the role of the UK in the world, including its position in the international system and its pursuit of objectives around the environment, technology and development, among others. In brief, we will explore the issues that will matter most when
positioning the UK in terms of economic diplomacy in a dynamic 21st century global economy.

The Commissioners are a distinguished group of experts, long-standing practitioners and academics. The Commissioners are listed in the brochure available here, which also includes further information.

Over the next 12-18 months, the Commission will hold evidence sessions around the UK to ascertain and refine how Britain should conduct its economic diplomacy, which will culminate in a report in 2021.

The topic for this roundtable is “What is the state of Britain’s economic diplomacy and what should it seek to achieve?” and will cover these guiding questions: How and by whom should economic diplomacy be formulated? With what scrutiny should foreign economic policy preferences be decided? How should negotiations be conducted? Detailed questions and logistics information will be sent to you after we receive your confirmation.

If you would like to attend please email Gidon Gautel on or further details can be found here. Please use the password ecodip

Further information about the Commission can be found at: