Scottish Competition Forum Event – Competition enforcement: use of competition powers by the CMA and sector regulators

The Scottish Competition Forum is holding an event on concurrency on Tuesday 5 June 2018.

On 30 April, the CMA published its annual concurrency report. The report looks back at the fourth year of the concurrency regime highlighting a “step change” in the relationships that have developed between the CMA and the sector regulators. Almost every sector regulator has now launched at least one Competition Act investigation and the CMA and the sector regulators have undertaken significant market investigations work, often alongside use of their sector-specific regulatory powers.

In this seminar we will look at the use of competition powers by the CMA and the sector regulators. Chaired by Graeme Young, competition partner at CMS, we will hear from:

  • Sharon Horowitz, Director, Sector Regulation Unit at the Competition and Markets Authority
  • Deborah Jones, Director of Competition at Financial Conduct Authority
  • Mark Mills, Principal Legal Advisor at Ofgem

We will consider the Competition Act cases and markets work that have been taken on by the sector regulators over the last four years, the interplay between market investigation powers and Competition Act enforcement, and the sector regulators’ use of competition powers alongside their regulatory enforcement powers.

The event will begin at 5.30 with registration from 5pm, and will conclude at 7pm with the opportunity for further discussion over drinks.

You can register to attend this event here.