SFE Breakfast Briefing on Managing the Complexity of UK Retail Banking

Time:  08:30 arrival, with a 09:00 start and a 10:00 finish
Venue: 6th Floor, 80 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3BU

SFE is delighted to invite you to a breakfast briefing with PA Consulting focusing on the drivers of complexity within UK retail banking and how to manage a move to greater simplicity.

The complexity of UK retail banks can affect value, for the banks and for their customers. Every business has some level of complexity.  In fact, low level complexity can add value, as it makes it tougher for new entrants to compete. But complexity becomes a problem when it destroys more value than it creates.  Across the UK retail banking sector, cost income ratios continue at unsustainable levels.  The challenge is being made harder by fintech and new entrant challenger banks eroding traditional value streams and stealing market share, and by a sustained focus on regulatory compliance.

Complexity can be reduced and managed through a focused effort on designing for simplicity. When done well, simplifying a bank can drive down costs, improve customer experience, increase speed and deliver flexibility.

This event will consist of a panel discussion that will explore the drivers of complexity for retail banks and consider how banks can embark on their journey towards simplicity.

We are pleased to confirm the panel will consist of:

Graeme Jones - Chief Executive, Scottish Financial Enterprise (Chair)
Gavin Neilson – Banking Sector Lead and Head of Financial Services Scotland, PA Consulting
Phil Towers – Managing Consultant, PA Consulting
Calum Brewster – Managing Director, Barclays Wealth
John Needham – Head of Regulatory Design, RBS

This event is kindly hosted by PA Consulting.

This is a private event for SFE Members only, however, please pass on to any interested colleagues within your organisation. To reserve a place, please click here.