SFE Event | Institute for Fiscal Studies' 2021 Scottish Election Insight

Date: Tuesday 27 April

Time: 1pm-2pm

SFE is delighted to invite you to an event in partnership with Noble & Co and the Scottish Policy Foundation, to discuss the Institute for Fiscal Studies' 2021 Election Programme of Work.

Speaking at this event on the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) work will be David Philips, who is an Associate Director at IFS, and Professor Graeme Roy, who is Dean of External Engagement in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

Given the increasing importance of decisions taken by the Scottish Parliament and Government to the lives of the people of Scotland, it is vital that the electorate have access to clear, high-quality, independent and impartial analysis of the current Government’s record on tax, benefits and public service spending, as well as the proposals of the various political parties for the next parliamentary term.

The IFS has provided such an analysis of UK general elections for decades, utilising its unparalleled quantitative modelling skills, knowledge of policy, and expertise on the principles of taxation, benefits and public finances to shine a light on the rhetoric and reality of policy.

IFS will analyse recent trends in tax, benefits and public service spending in Scotland and forecasts for the coming years, making comparisons with the rest of the UK and assessing the impact of policy versus other socio-economic factors.

They will also examine the parties’ tax, benefit and public service spending proposals, considering their distributional and incentive effects, their revenue/cost implications and their consistency with stated policy objectives and good design principles.

Papers on the fiscal context for the elections can be read here.

Please register using the link below. Joining details will be sent in advance of the webinar.