SFE & Fujitsu Webinar | The impact of workplace transformation on Diversity and Inclusion in Financial Services, in a post COVID-19 world

Date: Thursday 29th October

Time: 10am - 11am

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Scottish Financial EnterpriseĀ is delighted to invite you to an event in partnership with Fujitsu to discuss the impact of workplace transformation on diversity and inclusion in a post COVID-19 world. We're pleased to be joined by the following people on the panel.

  • Ian Bradbury, CTO, Financial Services, Fujitsu
  • Ghela Boskovich, Chapter Leader/Head of Europe at Financial Data and Technical Association and Founder of Femtech Global
  • Lou Smith, Chief Digital Officer, Lloyds of London
  • Carolann Begbie, Head of Colleague Experience, TescoBank
  • Ketan Parekh, Managing Director: Financial Services & Insurance Sector, Fujitsu
  • Karen Thomson, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Fujitsu & techUK Skills & Diversity Council Chair

Financial Institutions need to be able to transform and innovate rapidly to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. Diverse and inclusive workforces can respond quickly in a more agile and successful fashion. This is because they can draw on a greater number of perspectives and ideas to challenge groupthink, plus it is easier to understand and build strong relationships with your customers when your workforce reflects them and society.

The impact of remote working opens up wider possibilities for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and the acquisition of talent, through widening of talent pools across geographic boundaries. Employee experience becomes vital in this context, to ensure retention and adequate reskilling of people to meet the needs of the hybrid working model of the future. How are your people and talent management strategies aligned to a vision for the future where the workforce culture is completely different to the one we are accustomed to? What role can technology, such as AI, play in overcoming such as unconscious bias and how can technology be used to create a fairer and equal future?

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