University of Edinburgh - The Percolator Sessions Roundtable

We are delighted to invite you to the first of what we hope will be a series of informal, thought-provoking roundtables - The Percolator Sessions.  Coffee and breakfast will be on hand to fuel discussions.


Each Percolator Session will highlight a key area of research or innovation at the University of Edinburgh that is accelerated by philanthropic support. The University’s pursuit of its charitable objectives has made an enormous difference to Scotland and the world for centuries. The support we receive from legacies and new philanthropic commitments developed in partnership with donors each year drives change in areas as diverse as access to education for those of limited means, accelerating vital medical progress, funding innovative new research and teaching positions, helping public policy leaders prepare for (and adjust to) major coming changes, and driving economic growth through technology transfer and entrepreneurship programmes.


In these sessions, we hope to provide representatives of legal or financial services with information they might find valuable in discussions with their clients. You may occasionally be asked for advice by potential donors who are looking to have a significant impact in their giving. While recognising there are many other outstanding charities in Scotland deserving of support, these sessions will include information on the range of giving opportunities here at the University. We hope the sessions will also give you a better understanding of the nature of our work in community engagement, teaching, research, policy impact and thought leadership across a range of disciplines and sectors.


The topic for the first event on 26 May will be Edinburgh’s Digital Future.  We’ll discuss the following questions, and more: How is technology transforming education and training? What makes Edinburgh a digital hub?  How are digital technologies already transforming healthcare, business, public services and creativity, and what might the future hold?


Informal presentations and roundtable discussions will be led by Professor Karen Forbes, Professor of Art, an expert in the Digital Interface; Professor Chris Speed, Professor of Design Informatics, focused on the Network Society; Jane Roberts, Director of EDINA, the University's Centre for digital expertise, developing innovative, pilot projects through into services; Melissa Highton, Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services and Assistant Principal Online Learning


The first Percolator Session will be held on Friday, 26 May at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), High School Yards, Edinburgh EH1 1LZ.


Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation


Colleagues will also be on hand from the University's Business Relations team and the Business School for wider networking at the event.  Please feel free to bring along a colleague if you wish.


Registration for the event will be 7.45am, and we will conclude proceedings by 9.15am.


If you are able to attend please RSVP to the email address:


Please note: car parking around the venue is limited to public spaces on Chambers Street and the surrounding area. ECCI does, however, have extensive bicycle parking on site.


We look forward to welcoming you to the University.