Membership of Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) is open to any organisation operating within Scotland’s financial services industry, or organisations that have an interest in supporting the industry and its continuing success.

By becoming a member of SFE you and your colleagues will be able to participate in and benefit from the work we do, including:

  • Influencing government, regulators and other policy-makers in Scotland, Westminster and Brussels to ensure an internationally-competitive business environment for the industry.
  • Promoting greater awareness, understanding and support for Scotland’s financial services industry among politicians, the media and the wider community.
  • Support debate, innovation and the sharing across the industry of experience and insight to encourage continued international growth and collaboration.


Throughout the year, we provide a full programme of events with high profile speakers from throughout the industry, government, regulatory bodies and more speaking exclusively to SFE members. These activities give you the opportunity to question those who formulate and influence the policies that affect your business.


Meet representatives from other member companies, government bodies and key influencers at a range of business breakfasts, meetings and formal and informal gatherings.


SFE Sector Policy Groups bring together senior representatives from member companies to set our lobbying agenda and discuss the issues affecting each sector within the industry. Forums for senior HR Executives and senior Public Affairs professionals in the industry also meet regularly to share views on issues facing the industry. These groups are only open to SFE members.


SFE participates in a range of policy and regulatory discussions across a diverse group of organisations and specialists. We are happy to share with members the insights and connections that emerge from these activities.

In addition to influencing our industry’s policy agenda, you and your colleagues will be able to:


Partner: For major financial organisations and those that want to provide significant support to SFE’s work (from £12,120 + VAT).

Associate: For the other companies involved in the industry (from £4,520 + VAT).

Member: For smaller companies that employ 20 people or fewer and for not-for-profit organisations (from £1,280 + VAT).

To join SFE or for more information about becoming a member, e-mail

We hope to welcome you as a new member soon.