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ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues are increasingly recognised as interrelated business risks, critical to long-term shareholder value and business resilience, that require to be monitored at board level.  The pandemic has accelerated the ESG agenda, and as we look forward to 2021 and the steps needed to rebuild our economy, climate risk and responsible business principles feature heavily in boardroom discussions.

ESG Exchange brings together a range of CMS lawyers and experts to discuss the real world implications of ESG through a series of weekly 30 minute conversations running throughout March 2021. CMS experts and guests will explore the practical issues which are faced by businesses arising out of the sustainability agenda, supply chain issues, business ethics, employment practices, board diversity and accountability.


To gain insights that will help shape your organisation’s ESG agenda, identify opportunities and manage risk, register to join the conversation below and receive the series as it is broadcast throughout March. 

What does each session cover:

2 March 2021

Mindset, opportunity and culture: an introduction to ESG

9 March 2021

The E in ESG - Environment 

16 March 2021

The S in ESG - Social 

23 March 2021

The G in ESG - Governance 

30 March 2021

ESG risks - investigations and disputes 


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