Financial Services firms invited to partner with MSc postgraduate students to complete industry risk projects

The Scottish Financial Risk Academy (SFRA) is offering a unique opportunity for financial services organisations to partner with postgraduate students as part of the SFRA MSc project programme.

Industry partners of the SFRA and Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) have the chance to host a postgraduate student/s and set them a practical project, facilitated by the SFRA, for the mutual benefit of innovative young professionals and industry.

Financial services organisations are invited to propose projects to the SFRA, who will then source suitable postgraduate students from MSc programs in financial risk, financial mathematics, actuarial, statistics, computer science and machine learning in Heriot-Watt and the University of Edinburgh.

The scope and topics of the projects can be rather diverse so we encourage projects from a wide variety of groups including but not limited to technical and quantitative projects if risk, insurance and finance. As well as computational projects, data science projects, programming and coding-based projects, accounting and audit projects, regulatory and compliance-based projects, and the extended list of additional topics is also included in these attached slides.

Domains of expertise include:

  • Statistical Data Science
  • Financial Mathematics and Modelling
  • Actuarial Risk and Insurance Mathematics.

Businesses will be able to interview suitable candidates and offer a project placement to the successful postgraduate student who may have a choice of offers to consider.

The objective of this programme is to leverage the extensive expertise from academia, research and practitioners and implement them on major quantitative challenges faced by the insurance sector and wider financial services industry. The programme strives to produce research outcomes and deliver tangible outcomes to make a measurable impact within industry.

If you wish to become an industry partner with the SFRA and host an MSc postgraduate student please contact one of the following people with a brief outline of your areas of interest. They will source the relevant SFRA members to engage and develop the discussion with you from there.

Prof. Gareth W. Peters
Prof. Johnathan Crook
Dr. Sotirios Sabanis
Mr. Stephen Marshall


Click here for more detail about the SFRA MSc project programme.

If you wish to submit a project proposal on behalf of your organisation for the SFRA MSc project programme is please download this online form , complete it and return to: Or email Stephen with any queries you may have. The deadline is Friday 28th February 2020.