FWB Park Brown launches NXD Development Programme

FWB Park Brown has launched a new programme for the development of Non-Executive Directors in conjunction with The University of Edinburgh Business School. This short practical programme for NXDs is led by experienced Chairs and NXDs who are specialists in key areas including The Audit Committee, The RemCom, Managing Boardroom Dynamics and Crisis Management.

In an article in August’s Scottish Business Insider , Crawford Gillies, Chairman of Edrington and of Barclay's Remuneration Committee, and Gary Hughes, Chairman of Booker's Audit Committee, two of the programme’s speakers, discuss the practical issues of being a Non-Executive Director. Gillies says the key to the new programme is "accelerating the rate at which new non-execs can accumulate experience."

Judy Wagner, who developed the programme with Professor John Amis of The University of Edinburgh Business School, said "this programme will be a practical forum for learning and development, based on real life experiences of some of our most experienced Chairs and NXDs."

To read the full article please click here and for more information on the programme which launches on 7th September please see www.fwbparkbrown.com for news item entitled 'FWB Park Brown launches NXD Development Programme' .