GreySpark - Mastering MiFID II: Investor Protection

MiFID II, set for implementation in January 2018, was conceived to address weaknesses and close loopholes in MiFID I that were exposed in the financial market crisis and to strengthen further investor protection. This report identifies the aspects of MiFID II that pertain to investor protection, detailing the expected impacts on buyside organisations in terms of required changes to their processes and technology.

The aspects of the regulation that buyside firms will find most challenging are identified, and best practices to address them are detailed. The purpose of this report is to assist those buyside firms with European operations to enhance their investor protection practices and avoid sanctions that will result from non-compliance with the regulatory mandates.

GreySpark is a strategy, delivery and technology consultancy specialised in mission-critical areas of the Financial Markets industry. Global wholesale finance is changing. Economic imperatives, assertive regulations, changing client demands and disruptive technologies will significantly reshape the industry. We help our clients to address these challenges and adapt to the new environment wherever they operate.

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