Help develop a new Digital Technology apprenticeship

Scotland’s national skills body, Skills Development Scotland, is inviting SFE members to contribute to the development of a new apprenticeship by participating in a survey.

The Digital Technology apprenticeship is at SCQF Level 8 with pathways in Software Development, Cyber Security and Data Analytics.

The draft for this apprenticeship has been developed using a new approach that combines insights provided by employees in these roles, and the experience of an employer-led Technical Expert Group (TEG).

They have discussed and agreed the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of a competent apprentice and contextualised the guidance on approaches to delivery and assessment.

SDS is now consulting more widely with stakeholders about this new apprenticeship, prior to the TEG finalising the proposal for submission to the Apprenticeships Approval Group (AAG).

Why should I participate?

  • It’s a unique opportunity to lead change and influence the direction of learning and training on offer in financial services
  • You will be part of shaping the future of apprenticeships for Scotland
  • With your support SDS can create apprenticeships that will help your people and drive your business to succeed

What do I need to do?

Please follow the link to access the survey:

The surveys will take 15-45 minutes to complete, depending on how many questions you choose to answer.

We encourage you to send this to any colleagues within your network who may be interested in responding.

The survey will be open for responses until Wednesday 5 May 2021.