Introducing Scottish Financial Enterprise Young Professionals New Deputy Chair for Edinburgh, Meg Whyte

Meg is a Senior Researcher at Carlyle

First things first - hello and thank you for taking the time to read this blog from Scottish Financial Enterprise Young Professionals. As a committee, we believe 2021 represents a pivotal year for engaging with a broad-base of young individuals within Scotland, who may or may not already have an interest (or career) in the financial services sector. With that in mind, we hope to keep generating compelling content and meaningful activity across a variety of mediums, engaging with not only our membership organisations, but many others including those within the third sector.

Who am I?
By way of introduction - I joined the committee in February of this year and have recently been appointed as the Deputy Chair for Edinburgh. To say this wasn’t something that I imagined I would be doing a few years ago, is a bit of an understatement. I’m a South African who grew up in Johannesburg, attended The University of Cape Town, and pursued a degree that focused on media, art and literature. When I was in my teens and early twenties there wasn’t a sector that I could have considered myself further away from than financial services.

How my feelings towards the Financial Sector have changed over time:
I formerly held a belief (which I feel is just as strong today for many young people), that as a sector, financial services was too corporate, too antiquated, and really just too far removed from my own interests, to be a viable option for me. I spent a few years working within marketing for various businesses in both South Africa and Scotland, before I pivoted my career into Executive Search with Carlyle, which is an independent Search firm headquartered in Edinburgh.

Since joining the firm just about three years ago, my perspective has changed significantly - a sizeable proportion of our work is based with the sector, both in Scotland and further South. I think over time I gained a new perspective of just how diverse careers opportunities in the sector are - most particularly in technology and digital, and how much is being invested into innovation and sustainability. I became acutely aware of the real drive from the Scottish sector for diversification of thought, background, and experience, and it really spoke to me as an individual.

Why did I join SFE YP?
I joined Scottish Financial Enterprise Young Professionals because I admire the ambition of this group of people - all of whom are uniquely invested in making this sector a more equitable, and open one in Scotland. I love the idea of being a participant in a body that is striving to remove misconceptions and barriers to entry for young people across the country. I believe there is a huge amount of value and genuine good that can come from providing young people in Scotland with a better understanding of the opportunity the sector presents.

That opportunity is not only one of career-fulfilment for the individual, but also the sheer potential and interest our industry has in making significant efforts in combating systemic inequality and climate change.

I was thrilled to be offered the Deputy role for Edinburgh, I chose to take it primarily because I now realise just how much my belief in striving for a more sustainable world where people are engaged and supported in their education and careers, is aligned with the ambitions of the Scottish financial sector.

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