Origo joins Scottish Financial Enterprise

Origo has joined Scottish Financial Enterprise, as the fintech company continues to expand its development of technology solutions for financial services companies across the UK.

Origo is tasked with finding ways to improve efficiencies and effect costs savings for the financial services industry and improve the customer experience and outcome. Located in Edinburgh Park, just outside the city, it currently has 70 people engaged in maintaining and delivering existing and new services for the industry.     

Its Options Transfers service celebrates its 10th anniversary later this year, which has transferred an excess of £150bn worth of pensions and ISAs and has enabled the significant reduction in the time taken to transfer pensions from around 50 working days to an average of 11 calendar days. Its Unipass ID service is used by eight out of ten financial advisers in the UK.

In addition to its work for the industry, Origo has been heavily involved in developing the technology to deliver the Pensions Dashboard, tasked with developing different aspects of the prototype service.

Anthony Rafferty, Managing Director of Origo, said: “Origo has a long history of delivering financial technology for the benefit of the UK financial services industry and its customers. We were established in 1989 by a group of progressive financial services companies located in Edinburgh, and we are delighted to have joined Scottish Financial Enterprise at a time when Origo is developing an even higher profile within the industry for creating solutions that deliver significant improvements to systems and services, helping progress the industry with greater efficiencies and the ability to better serve its end customers.

“Origo has considerable experience of working collaboratively with the industry and draws on the significant talent within the Scottish financial services community. Joining SFE makes complete sense for us as it will help us connect further with other industry members as well giving us the opportunity to support the work SFE is doing to strengthen the industry and benefit the local economy.

“Our contribution to the technological developments for the UK’s Pensions Dashboard has enabled us to be recognised as an expert in the InsureTech sector. Since 2015, we have led research, developed and demonstrated Dashboard prototypes, steered architecture design and conducted successful scalability testing for use by 15 million citizens – and we remain fully committed to the Pensions Dashboard initiative.

“As part of SFE we hope to have productive discussions with fellow members, government and policymakers on how we can further support innovation in the industry.”

Graeme Jones, Scottish Financial Enterprise Chief Executive, said: “We’re very pleased to welcome Origo to the SFE membership, which is increasingly attracting small and large fintech businesses as they see the benefits of playing an active role in our community and collaborating with our cornerstone member companies.

“Since establishing nearly 30 years ago, Origo has been a positive influence on financial services by developing efficiencies and creating costs savings for businesses, while also improving customer experience.

“We’re looking forward to linking Origo in to the various SFE activities to strengthen and grow our sector and connecting them with the wider SFE membership.”