Philip Grant of Lloyds Banking Group confirmed as new SFE Chairman

The new Chairman of Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) has been confirmed as Philip Grant of Lloyds Banking Group Plc.

Mr Grant’s appointment by SFE’s Board of directors was approved by members of Scotland’s representative body for the financial services industry at an EGM, convened for this purpose, on June 12.

Philip’s new role will be in addition to his position as Chairman of LBG’s Scottish Executive Committee with responsibility for the Group in Scotland. He is also Managing Director of Customer and Business Risk of the Insurance and Wealth Division of LBG which includes Scottish Widows.

In 2016 Philip was appointed to chair the SFE High Level Strategy Group which was responsible for devising the organisation’s five-year strategy 2017-2022. The outputs of this strategy are presented at the quarterly meetings of the Scottish Government’s Financial Services Advisory Board (FiSAB) co-chaired by the First Minister and the SFE Chairman. Philip is already a member of FiSAB as well as the Scottish Government’s Banking and Economy Advisory Group co-chaired by the SFE CEO Graeme Jones and Finance Secretary Derek Mackay.

Philip will take over the role of SFE Chairman from Jim Pettigrew, CYBG Plc Chairman, who is stepping down after serving his full three-year term at SFE.

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