What is ScotChain16?

Blockchain is a hot topic, fast gaining column inches as an enabler of business and customer transformation alike. Blockchain represents tremendous business opportunities, but how do you cut through the hype?

ScotChain16 brings together Blockchain thought leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe for hype-free exploration of ideas, use cases, challenges, and concerns - for businesses, technologists, students, and academics - with tremendous opportunities to marshal the best of Scotland’s tech talent.

Why attend?

ScotChain16 is a first-of its-kind event for Scotland – an opportunity to learn from and network with subject matter experts and entrepreneurs about how they are taking advantage of this technology revolution.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • What is distributed ledger technology (Blockchain) and what does it mean, for business?
  • How are people starting to use it, and what’s next?
  • Blockchain is hot in Financial Services, but where else is it being tried, and how?
  • Can Blockchain really cure the common cold? – the reality of the real issues and answers rather than the much flaunted hype.

What to expect

  • Presentations exploring the most pressing issues in Blockchain today (and how to tackle them)
  • Panel discussions with industry insiders, explaining their approaches and use cases across a range of sectors.
  • Networking opportunities with start-up companies, Blockchain pathfinders and trailblazers, deep thinkers, and like-minded people.

A full agenda can be found here.

For further details or to register for this event please click here.