SFE responds to the UK Government Budget

In response to the UK Government Budget announced today, Sandy Begbie CBE, Chief Executive of Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) said:

“SFE welcomes many of the measures announced in today’s UK Government Budget, which rightly focussed on economic recovery over the short and medium term.

“We know lockdown restrictions will end gradually, so it will be reassuring for people and businesses across Scotland that this is reflected in extended government support, and that targeted successor schemes are being put in place.

“The financial services industry recognises the vital role it has to play in supporting the recovery and will be key to delivering several of the initiatives announced today, including the Recovery Loan Scheme and 95% mortgages for first-time buyers.

“SFE looks forward to continued constructive engagement with both the Scottish and UK Governments as we contribute to a fair and sustainable recovery, support customers, business and the transition to a green economy, develop people’s skills, attract investment and create jobs for the future.”

Published 3 March 2021