SFE statement on international travel testing requirements

In response to the open letter submitted to the Scottish Government by Scottish Tourism Alliance yesterday regarding the decision on covid-19 testing requirements, SFE CEO Sandy Begbie said:

“Yesterday’s intervention by the Scottish Tourism Alliance, supported by a wide range of organisations, serves as a stark reminder of the unprecedented challenges faced by businesses across Scotland, particularly those in the tourism industry, as we embark upon economic recovery from the pandemic. Many of SFE’s member firms work with and support those businesses adversely affected and these are concerns we hear on a daily basis. 

“The Scottish Government faces the unenviable task of addressing a public health emergency whilst simultaneously supporting economic recovery but, even in this challenging context, they must endeavour to make Scotland as an attractive place to visit and do business as possible. The extension of the Day 2 PCR testing requirements constitutes further policy divergence across the nations of the UK and puts this very ambition at risk.

“SFE has consistently called for greater collaboration between industry and both the Scottish and UK Governments as we aim to drive sustainable economic growth, create opportunities for our people and communities and support our economy to recover as quickly and effectively as possible.

“I am pleased the government is meeting with Scottish Tourism Alliance and urge them to listen to the concerns carefully.”


Read the Scottish Tourism Alliance's open letter here.