SFE Young Professionals Chairperson vacancy

A new Chairperson for SFE Young Professionals is being sought to replace Amy McDaid, who is stepping aside after 18 months in the role.

The Chair of the SFE Young Professionals network is key to enabling the SFE Young Professionals Steering Committee to operate effectively and deliver excellent experiences to members.

The Chair provides strategic leadership, and acts as a liaison between the network, Committee and SFE to ensure alignment across agendas.

Anyone from an SFE member firm can apply for the Chairperson position. Please find the role description and how to apply below. For further details about SFE Young Professionals click here.


  • Active leadership of network through ownership of strategic aims of the Steering Committee
  • Create the vision for the network, aligned to the SFE strategic agenda and drive its realisation with the Steering Committee
  • Be the face and voice of the network with regards to wider stakeholder engagement
  • Be able to explain and advocate the network’s priorities on which the Steering Committee are working
  • Lead with influence; trust and empower the Steering Committee, notably Deputy Chairs and Communication Leads, by delegating appropriate responsibilities
  • Coordinate the network agenda with Deputy Chairs, Communications Leads and other Steering Committee members, while being mindful of prioritisation, funding and purpose
  • Chair SFE Young Professionals Steering Committee meetings


  • Enthusiasm and energy; passion for the SFE Young Professional’s aims and objectives
  • Experience leading through influence, encouraging and empowering others to deliver
  • Strong planning and organisational skills; ability to prioritise and manage competing asks effectively
  • Effective communicator, able to present to small and large groups with impact
  • Ability to think 'big' but value incremental activity that achieves the network’s strategic aims
  • Strong network within their organisation; able to information share, represent views and promote the network within their Member Firm
  • Keen and enthusiastic approach to personal development  
  • Capacity to commit to quarterly committee meetings, bi-monthly meetings with the SFE CEO, regular discussions with committee members to progress activity and attendance at network events
  • Proactive, engaged and eager to build network outside their own organisation

To apply, please email your CV and a short cover letter to SFE Young Professionals Secretariat David Hedley at dhedley@sfe.org.uk. Applications close on 4th September.