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M&G plc is a leading international savings and investments business, managing investments for both individuals and for large institutional investors, such as pension funds. With roots stretching back more than 170 years, M&G plc has a long history of finding innovative solutions for its customers’ changing needs. M&G’s clientele spreads globally with its Prudential for savings and insurance customers in the UK and Europe and asset management in South Africa.

Throughout the year, M&G plc runs a number of graduates, internship and apprenticeship schemes that are designed to train and develop young people who could shape the future of their industry. These opportunities are open to individuals from diverse educational, demographic and geographical background.

Opportunities at M&G

Graduate schemes

The 18 to 24 months Graduate scheme at M&G offers placements to graduates of any degree discipline with start every September. Successful applicants spend the duration rotating between teams within the firm to develop an understanding of their products, processes and strategies. At the end of the programme, a permanent role that best suits candidates’ skills and interests is offered.

Joining the graduate scheme gives students access to:

  • a comprehensive training;
  • professional qualifications including the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA); and
  • Dedicated support through networking opportunities.

Find out about graduate vacancies here:

Summer Internships

M&G Eight-week summer internships give penultimate-year students an immersive dive into the work of investment and technology professionals. Applications open every September for the following year’s intake.

However, this year’s application is extended until 7th November for 2022 cohorts which is to start on 20 June 2022. Click here to apply.

Successful interns have a unique opportunity to:

  • an offer for a graduate scheme placement;
  • gain industry insight
  • build a network and
  • make a real contribution to the corporate world.

Find out more about summer internship vacancies here


As a student, the apprenticeship scheme at M&G, gives you the chance to gain a qualification while learning on the job and earning a salary. With a 13 to 18 months duration, annual recruitment applications open in late February and apprentices join the business from September.

Becoming an apprentice at M&G is a gateway to:

  • bagging a recognised qualification;
  • earning a competitive salary;
  • gaining personal and professional development through mentorship.

Apprenticeship Areas: Business and investment, Tech and IT roles, Digital marketing

To gain more in-depth knowledge about student programmes at M&G, you could attend some of their graduates, internships and apprenticeship events or check their FAQs.