Support for FinTech Innovation

 “Good to see FCA recognising FinTech potential in Scotland and offering a regular presence from their Innovation Hub.”  Graeme Jones, SFE Chief Executive

Christopher Woolard, Executive Director of Strategy and Competition at the FCA:

“..we’re especially interested in areas where ‘Fin’ and ‘Tech’ collide, that is, areas that have both strong financial centres and a technology presence, often backed by strong relationships with local universities. We’ve mapped these and we see two specific locations where we think we can add value to emerging hubs – namely in the Edinburgh-Glasgow corridor and the Leeds-Manchester area.

We will work with the local authorities, development partners and firms in those locations, as well as the Scottish Government and the Treasury's digital envoys. Our aim, as for the wider work we do, will be to encourage the emergence of more innovative firms, whether home grown or inward investors.

We will start from next month by bringing our people to those firms, offering a regular presence from the Innovation Hub able to give guidance and informal steers to firms seeking to innovate.”

Full speech available at the FCA website:  Innovate Finance Global Summit