What skills will Scotland's financial services industry need in the future?

Insight from Scotland's financial services employers is being sought by Skills Development Scotland, on behalf of the Digital Technologies Skills Group, as part of their analysis of the Digital Technologies sector in Scotland.

This sector is important to Scotland as it underpins the competitiveness of Scotland’s growth sectors as well as being a significant employer in its own right. It is critical we understand and support the skills needs of digital technology employers now and in the future.

In order to map this effectively an employer skills survey is being conducted to assess skills needs and issues in the digital technologies workforce. Ultimately, the research will produce evidence to inform skills investment planning for the digital technology sector and other sectors with a growing need for digital skills.

Those who manage a digital technology business or business which has need of employees with digital technology skills are encouraged to complete the survey.

Providing there is a robust response from financial services and FinTech companies our industry stands to gain valuable insight into the skills landscape and challenges on the horizon which could help develop a strong talent pipeline for the future.