WiBF Glasgow Opportunities

We are currently looking to add talented ladies to our Management Team…do you think you have what it takes?

WiBF Glasgow has been in operation since early 2009 and since then, has evolved to include partnerships with organisations like Tesco Bank, Barclays Wealth, Morgan Stanley and the Blythswood Square Hotel where we hold several of our meetings and events.

The management team has been pivotal in building these partnerships whilst organising the various events and expanding our membership across Glasgow.


What are we looking for (list not exhaustive)?

We would like to add to our existing team to bring a wider range of skills to the table. Your contribution is likely to include helping us plan monthly events, communicating with our members and partners, looking after our promotions and marketing and overall, being enthusiastic about the WiBF Group! Supporting the implementation of our strategy and coming up with great ideas about how we continue to grow could also be a role you could play.


How much time will I be contributing?

As a team, we meet monthly to organise the events and Group’s activities. Events are also held once a month. Depending on the role and contribution you would like to make, there may be some time spent supporting planning and communication during the month.


What’s in it for me?

We realise that time is precious for everybody and we promise to keep all meetings to the point and as fun as possible.

Depending on the stage of your career, you might want to join us to develop specific skills, extend your network with like-minded people, challenge yourself in a field that is new to you and supports your personal development, and to enjoy working with an enthusiastic group. It’s also a great opportunity to reflect your contribution through your enhancing your CV.


I am not sure right now?

If you think that your life is too busy at the moment to commit to being a full management team member, and you would still like to be part of the group, we’ll be happy to talk to you about making a contribution to a specific events or area which suits your talents.


How do I take this further?

If we caught your eye, imagination or interest with the above, we would love to hear from you and tell you more over a cup of coffee or a drink.


Email us at Glasgow@wibf.org.uk and we’ll arrange to meet up and talk further with you….